May 18, 2024
Amazon Account Suspended: How To Appeal 

Amazon Account Suspended: How To Appeal 

When things are going well with your Amazon seller account, the word suspension is the last thing on your mind. But one day, you get an e-mail from Amazon telling you that your “Amazon account suspended” suddenly. You received the e-mail without warning and now have to figure out what to do to get back online. Having your business shut down can be distressing, as being an Amazon seller is a full-time business for many people. It’s easy to become angry and frustrated as many people have bills to pay, including the mortgage and childcare costs.

And the first thing that comes to your mind is an e-mail to the seller suspension team telling them they had made a mistake and that you had done nothing wrong, but this is not a good idea. You will need to research to know what to do to get your account reinstated. And when you do that, you will realize that you have two choices. You can either write your appeal letter or hope you don’t screw it up. You find a professional service specializing in designing personalized appeal letters with a greater chance of success. You cannot afford to waste your appeals because you must make each count.

So How Does The Appeal Process Work?

  • Correcting any policy breaches mentioned in your Amazon suspension appeal letter would be best.
  • Design a personalized appeals letter so that Amazon realizes that you acknowledge the problem and offer remedies to correct it.
  • Do not use a template letter for your appeal; the seller performance team can spot this from a mile away.
  • You must create a unique, well-written, articulate letter and action plan. Addresses your specific case?

The Valid Tracking Rate Suspension

Recently, Amazon changed something known as your accurate tracking round and the percentage required continuing using their platform to sell your products. Your valid tracking rate is a performance metric used to measure the number of orders you deliver to customers using a valid tracking rate.

Amazon wants the customers on their platform to track their product delivery once they have placed an order with you or with them now in its in-house fulfilment service, also known as FBA, which stands for fulfilment by Amazon. You won’t have to worry about this because Amazon delivers the order using their Courier service and tracking service.

How Can You Appeal Successfully?

As with every Amazon suspension appeal, you need to accept full responsibility for the suspension. It’s no good to blame it on a software glitch, a mistake, or a Courier mishappening. Take full responsibility for the lack of tracking numbers. After this, you will need to prove that the products with accurate tracking numbers get to the customers.

It will be used as a printed statement from the courier that you used to provide your products or, if you have a procedure on paper, receipts from a Postal Service you use. You can attach whatever evidence you provide to prove that the products were shipped correctly.