May 18, 2024
From Glasgow to London’s West End: Jenna Lee-James Reflects on Her Journey

From Glasgow to London’s West End: Jenna Lee-James Reflects on Her Journey

Jenna Lee-James has crafted an impressive performing career, from taking childhood dance classes in Scotland to lighting up the stages of London’s West End. She has toured globally alongside Hugh Jackman and released her debut album among her accomplishments. In recent years, Bronia Buchanan’s renowned talent agency, BBA Management, has been her guiding force.

Jenna’s love for performance was evident early on. From dance lessons at three to joining singing lessons in Glasgow by eight, she was a star in the making. Holidays with her parents often saw a young Jenna entering talent competitions, gradually honing her classical singing skills.

Dreams of the West End started to blossom when Jenna was in her teens. Though it took four years of auditions, she finally landed her first West End role, a testament to her determination and love for theatre. Looking back, Jenna considers her journey character-building, emphasizing that perseverance and authenticity are key. “Don’t think you have to be a carbon copy of somebody else,” Jenna advises aspiring performers.

Two years ago, Jenna began a new chapter in her career by joining BBA Management. Though her association with Bronia Buchanan dates back almost two decades, Jenna fondly recalls how their professional collaboration began over a Zoom call. She praises the agency’s structured yet supportive setup, where each agent specializes in a sector, ensuring artists like her receive dedicated and comprehensive support.

When it comes to music, Jenna’s debut album “On the Edge” holds a special place in her heart. Self-funded and recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio Two, Jenna describes the project as a tribute to her greatest supporters – her parents.

Jenna’s collaboration with Hugh Jackman in 2019 for “The Man. The Music. The Show” was undeniably a significant highlight. From sharing the stage with “The Greatest Showman” star to learning from Jackman’s life coach, Jenna absorbed invaluable experiences. But the most cherished moment was singing “Somebody to Love” at Glasgow’s Hydro Arena, making her father’s dream come true.

Jenna’s acting journey has seen her embrace roles like Grizabella in “Cats” and Scaramouche in “We Will Rock You.” Now, she’s taking on the iconic role of Queen Elsa in “Frozen” on the West End. Replacing Samantha Barks, Jenna reflects on the responsibility and excitement of portraying such a loved character, especially during the 10th anniversary of “Frozen” and Disney’s centenary year.

From the adrenaline-pumping performance of “Let It Go” to the dazzling Elsa dress reveal, Jenna encapsulates the magic of the character and the show. She concludes, “It’s about how love conquers all.”

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